Job Seekers Confused!!! Difference in CV and Resume?

There are many of the job seekers who are doing the job search for online jobs, bank jobs, government job, accounting jobs, engineering jobs, work from home jobs and many other jobs with different job categories having number of job vacancies. There are differences between these two types of documentation so this article with straighten out your queries about the confusion in resume and cv and let you know when to use where.

What is CV?

CV, Curriculum Vitae a latin word which means course of life. CV is a depth document that can be laid out with more than two pages which contains details about your achievements and your career biography. It also covers your education, publications, rewards and honors etc. It will remain static and will not change for different positions,but will differ in cover letter.

What is Resume?

Resume is a concise page which is not longer than one page. The goal is to stand the user out of the competition. To tailor the needs of user to specific or one from other than the term resume is used. It does not need to arranged in chronologically order or does not have any use of cover letter.
How to deal with with Resume or CV when Applying for Jobs...Read more


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